Friday, September 17, 2010

Biopsy Results - Today Is The Day

Since cancer has enter our lives, it has taken a month plus a day to hear the results. Ah yes, the results. Do we even want to know? Ron and I like to face things head on. We are forward thinking people. Bring on the results!

The next question - do you go in expecting the worst so that anything the doctor says will not sound so bad; so shocking. Or, do you go in expecting, with all the hope you can muster, that there has been a mistake? As with Ron and I, we can tackle challenges from opposite ends of the spectrum. Ron headed in believing the worst; I on the other hand wanted to hear that there had been a mistake; a misdiagnosis.

Oddly enough, with a body that now harbours mesothelioma (a cancer directly connected to asbestos) Ron came out of the doctor office feeling better than I.

There has been no mistaken diagnosis. The cell type that makes up Ron's cancer is not the most aggressive but it is aggressive. While the doctor confidently stated that Ron will not meet his demise a month from now, he was clearly not telling us there were many healthy years to look forward to. Ron and I have deduced from our interpretation of the conversation that we are looking forward to two years, maybe more if we are lucky.

Ron loves the quote "It's not the destination, it is the journey." This, folks, is where our new journey begins.

Next stop - The BC Cancer Clinic. Stay tuned.

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