Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day Without Ron Is Like A Day Without Sunshine

Don't panic, he is OK. This morning I put him on the train for the Comox Valley. Leanne needs a little help and Ron is just the guy. It will be good for Ron as well as being good for Leanne.

The day started out quite normal until we wanted to catch the bus to the train station. The bus was late. For any of you who really know Ron, you will know that he likes to be six hours early for anything. While we were not late for the bus, the bus was late. Back to the boat to get the car keys and off in the car we go. I delivered Ron in the nick of time.

How busy could the train be on a Wednesday morning, we had asked ourselves. Let me tell you, it was over full! It was chock-a-block with Q-Tips from the Berwick Old Folks Home. Ron had to sit in a make-shift area until somewhere north of Nanaimo. He was thankful to stretch out for a bit before arriving in Courtenay.

I have missed him since the moment I dropped him off. It was the start of a weepy day for me. The kicker was contacting the HR people to set up an appointment to explore and understand what options I have for time off. Everytime I do something to like this, it is another way to acknowledge what is really happening and I find that it is very emotional.

The good news is that I will drive up to Comox on Friday, after work, spend the weekend. Then Ron and I will drive home together.

We have plans to make and the reality is that we do not know what the future holds. If we are so hopeful for a long and healthy future then perhaps we will put off doing what should be done now. So... we have to work with what we currently know.

Two things coming up... a trip to the cancer clinic. The date is still unknown but we hope to hear this week. Next, we (Ron, Janice and daughter Meghan) will be driving to San Francisco. Meghan and I are participating in a NIKE half marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. We leave after work on October 13.

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