Friday, October 22, 2010

Visit to Cancer Clinic

Okay, perhaps it's time I said something, although at times I really don't know what to say. Janice and I went to the Cancer Clinic today, however they really didn't provide any more information or hope beyond what we already know. Although the Doctor was very nice! Time lines seem blurred and all they talk about is "average" life expectancy. Janice and I will just remain positive and keep planning things the way we usually do.

I'm glad that Janice is in my life she provides support and encouragement, is my friend, my partner, my sailing partner, my wife and so much more. This is a journey we did not plan, nor did we want, however as is our nature we will deal with it together, hand in hand. We will make sunshine were there is none, we will laugh, when others may not and most of all we will tackle this journey together.

So having said that we will start planning our trip to Disney world and then our sailing trip North. We are both positive, and do appreciate all the positive comments from our friends and family. Positive thoughts, positive life. So stay positive.

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