Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pixie Dust - In The Magical Sense of Tinkerbell

It has been an extremely tough go for the little ones.  We have always been surrounded by our little girls - Rayna (who is not so little anymore), Makayla, Juliet, Amelia and Gracie.    They all love Poppa Ron and Poppa Ron loved them so much.  The kids were drawn to him simply by his presence.  Talking about someone dying is not the difficult part of the conversation - where we believe our loved ones go after death makes it difficult for the younger ones to comprehend.  Talking about cremation and ashes, the why's and where etc was not a conversation I would care to have with little ones.  The questions persisted and the kids deserved a respsonse.  Rather than scare the bejeezers our of them regarding cremation and what it truly means, Leanne came up with a creative response that is not far from the truth - Pixie Dust.  Thanks goodness she was in tune with Peter Pan.   We have been  able to talk about magical Pixie Dust.  Poppa Ron, is now Pixie Dust and he is everywhere.  They know that we have sprinkled his Pixie Dust in the ocean... he is magically in our hearts and we can speak to him anywhere and everywhere.  We love you Poppa Ron.  We miss you Poppa Ron.

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