Monday, April 18, 2011

Truly A Celebration

Ron’s Celebration of Life was to be just that. When the kids and I got together we knew it had to be up lifting. While we are extremely sad – every day I might add – we knew that Ron would want people to laugh, to smile, to remember and to learn about him.
For Ron’s ashes (pixie dust) I had to have a First Nations Bentwood Box. They are truly a work of art and Ron wanted to purchase one in the summer. Meghan and Kirsten help me research on the internet. Meghan offered her opinion when viewing the boxes. The story of the box and purchasing the box, as they say, is another story for another time. For the Celebration, Ron was there in his handsomely carved box with the Orca and Wolf.

The venue was perfect! Kirsten, excellent choice. No other venue in Victoria would have suited Ron’s Celebration. It was glass, bright, roomy and came with a view of our homeport, WestBay Marine Village. We knew the sun would shine on his day.

The memorabilia table was perfect! Ryan’s idea. All the kids contributed to what would go on the table. Stew suggested that we do not forget the Scotch!

The posters were a hit. Thank you Kirsten for your amazing talents. Thank you to everyone who sent Kirsten the photographs to choose from. At the end of the day, there were requests from people to take the posters home. We were honoured.

The kids and I worked with Stephen Swift. Stephen, thank you for your understanding, kindness, patience and coaching. The kids and I are grateful to you for characterizing Ron as if he were your friend. Folks are still talking about the quality of your facilitation. Thank you!

S/Sgt. Marc Lavergne, thank you so much for organizing the Honour Guard and the bugler. Never once during Ron’s illness did he ever say that I was to expect the Honour Guard for his celebration. It was truly unexpected and sincerely appreciated. The kids and I were honoured by the ceremony and truly proud of Ron and the RCMP. I know that many others at Ron’s Celebration would say the same. You and your team released so many emotions during the parade and the playing of the bugle. Ted Smith, thank you for carrying Ron’s stetson. He felt very fortunate to have you and Cheryl enter his life.

And thank you to you who spoke about Ron. Kirsten, Meghan, Lou Goulet, Bill Stegall, Bill Phillips and Len Burton. You each did an amazing job to bring to life Ron as you knew him. You made us laugh, you made us cry. Did you forget it was “NO LEAK ZONE”? As important, we came away knowing Ron better than ever before. He is smiling and thanks you.

For those of you at Ron’s Celebration you will have your own thoughts, feeling, and sentiments. For me and the kids, Ron’s Celebration was just what we planned. Not a thing would be changed or done differently. We did it our way.  We did it Ron's way. We were speechless at the number of people who showed and the number of people who sent their regrets.

Thank you Kirsten, Ryan, Stewart and Meghan for all your help – you did a great job. This celebration was fitting for a great man - your father and step-father, my husband.

Thank you to all who participated in making it a great celebration.  Thank you to all who attended.  And thank you for your encouragement and confidence in me and the kids.

February 28, 2011 was truly a celebration of the life of Ronald B Harris – husband, father, poppa, friend and so much more.

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