Sunday, December 5, 2010


What a week friends and family and now a trip to Hawaii. Bill one of dear friends (see previous blog) provided me an opportunity go with him to Hawaii while he was working. What can I say I jumped at the chance. Bill, as he travels so much knows the airline travel system well, so kept using the system to work me up to first class to join him, or enjoy free wine and/or other perks while we travelled from Seattle to San Fran, San Fran to Hawaii and then back to Seattle.

It wasn't until later on that I realized that I was Ron "the benefit" Harris with Bill explaining to the Airlines and hotel my medical condition...they were all very understanding, with I being both amused and delighted that the illness had a plus side (okay perhaps in a weird way, but still you,ve got to laugh!).

Hawaii, 4 days of heat, sunshine and the beach. I can't do much long walking but I could make it from the room, to the pool, to the bar and back to the pool, back to the bar and repeat if necessary.

Janice called and told me to ensure that I put lots of sunscreen on as I burn very easily. However even with SPF 30 I burnt nice and red in the first day, however I just referred to that as my radiation therapy and went out for more each day.

Hawaii hasn't changed that much, still a lot of people tucked into size 3 speedos that they wore 30 years earlier, thank god I kept my eyes closed as I have enough going on in my life without having my mind scarred as well.

Night times were great with the temp staying around 75 degrees or 22 C, but like all things it came to end far to soon and we returned to Seattle on Saturday were I was able to catch up with my lovely bride my wife and best friend.

Janice, Leanne and Gracie had drove down from Victoria in the Volvo (gad..I'm not getting to drive it much yet) they had a great time and enjoyed there adventure(s) in Victoria and driving down to Seattle, apparently there are no more purses left in the Coach Store, in the event anyone is looking for one. Janice had to head home by herself (okay Winston was beside her) and I'm glad that she has a great vehicle to drive home in.

Tomorrow the 6th of December its off for another adventure, goose hunting, actually I'm taking the pictures of the hunters and huntees (I'm cheering for the geese) the goose hunting is in Houston Texas, why, because Bill has said that's were the gooses, geesses are, and who am I to protest.

So off to Houston and area for another three days and then finally back home. Stay tuned for the goose adventures the chronicles of the big white goose. Hopefully Bill's friends don't think I'm a past Vice President of the United States!!!

As you can see, I'm busy enjoying the present and all life has in store for me, enjoying friends, families and new adventures. To all who read this blog...thank you, to my family and friends thank-you. While I may not share with you what my body is going through I'm glad to be able to share with you the adventures I'm having.

All in all, a very exciting week with me, believe it or not looking forward to relaxing and the upcoming house parties where we live. Until the next posting, take care...Ron

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