Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kids and Friends

To all our kids - we love you so much. Our conversations mean the world to us. To touch base with you, to hear about your days and the grand kids lightens our days tremendously. Keep the phone calls coming!

We are so looking forward to Christmas with you at Bill and Leanne's. Five more sleeps until Christmas Eve and Santa is going to visit the little ones before he makes his worldly rounds. I cannot wait!

To our friends - again, we cannot say enough about your thoughtfulness and generosity. Doug and Karen, dinner on Friday night and being able to use your beautiful home this weekend has been a blessing for Ron. He has indulged in a couple hot baths. The truth be known, while he is not yet sleeping through the night, his days have been more comfortable - enough so to go for a couple of walks with Winston. Dare I say we still had trouble with your TV system - I know, I know - it is a guy thing and Ron did work it out.

Len and Dawna your concern is self evident by looking at your faces! Dawna, I know while cutting Ron's hair it was like dealing with an ADHD child; not sitting still for more than a minute. Having witnessed that, perhaps that is what prompted you to think of the TENZ machine. I declare here and now that I believe it worked. While Ron is not back to his old self, he is significantly better.

To those of you who have invited us out recently, please accept our apologies for declining or cancelling invites. All of this is new to us and we realize that the energy required is greater than Ron currently has. We believe things will get better. A new year is just around the corner.

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