Tuesday, December 14, 2010


OK, I will be the first to admit that sometimes I am quick to judge, not by what I know but by what I see. How many times have we heard (at least our generation has heard it) you cannot judge a book by its cover.

On Saturday, Ron and I had some chores to run; his physio appointment, gift buying and of course Ron's favourite - a hot dog from Costco. Yes Folks, he likes them so much we braved the crowds for a hot dog.

With Ron's energy level, he chose to find a table to sit and wait for me. I forged onwards to the bank machine (need cash to purchase HD), stand in line, get the drinks, and dress the hot dogs. All the while Ron is sitting and waiting. I had to get up a couple more times for napkins and such. Please do not conclude that Ron is lazy... he simply does not have the energy. I quite happily got us our lunch.

We both stopped short and realized that we had been humbled and wondered how many times had we sat and judged the exact behaviour we had just exhibited. We even said out loud "How many people are sitting and watching me do everything while you just sit". Little do they know that he does not have the stamina to take on the task of the Hot Dog in Costco. Little do we know the stories of the people we have judged. Ouch! We have decided that we will always ask ourselves, "What is their story?"

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