Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Challenge to Followers

It is the time of year for giving; goodwill toward men (and of course women and children). At our work, we never miss a hear of choosing a needy family and then with love in our heart fill a basket to help them have a better Christmas. Christmas will come and go regardless, but if Ron and I can do something to make it better for just one person, well let me say, our hearts will be smiling.

This year, our family consists of a 17 year old daughter and lots of brothers. The daughter put a camera on her wish list. I jumped at the chance to fulfill her dream. This year she will be getting a beautiful red Nikon Coolpix camera.

It is easy for me to adopt a child in a family. Between Ron and I, we have four kids. We just pretend we have five and spend the same on the fifth as we would our own. Of course, shopping for the best deal always helps to get more for your money.

I challenge you to adopt a child for Christmas, pretend you have an extra when you go shopping and put a smile on that child's face this Christmas morning. There are many organizations who will be willing to give you information; boy or girl and their age. Just make a phone call to your local radio or TV station and they will be able to put you onto a number of organizations looking for help.

I guarantee that your heart will feel happy and warm, as does ours.

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