Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi Ron here, yes still vertical and enjoying family and friends. It has been a very busy time with several friends calling and dropping in for a visit, lunch and/or a chat. Rick called and we spent time catching up on old times and enjoying some Chinese food and setting dates to meet again.

Rick is an old neighbour who I met when I first moved to Victoria, we have stayed in contact ever since and I enjoy his repartee, humour and out look on life, truly a good friend to have in your corner at any time and one who always provides a positive outlook on life.

Logan and Peter, both long time friends and skiing buddies called to set up a lunch date. Peter drove down from Comox for lunch, which for Peter in itself is a monumental deal especailly prior to the start of the ski season. It was a great time and once again I was able to enjoy great laughs and reminisce about the adventures we have had.

It seems that, sometimes, we remember the good times with family and friends after they have gone. How nice to share those times with them while they are still here, take it from me it brings a smile to your face, which at times is needed.

Another friend, Lou, in Ottawa calls me once a week to check in to see how everything is going and update me on the going's on in his busy life. We too discuss past adventures, or perhaps mis-adventures and friends both past and present who have brought laughter into our lifes.

And of course there is Bill, Leanne and Gracie, who provide both Janice and I a place to stay when we visit, friendship, laughter and oh so much more. I do not have the words or time to tell them how much there friendship means to both Janice and I, hell even the dogs, Winston and M get along.

From me to all my friends, thanks for the laughter, thanks for calling, thanks for taking the time to stay in touch.

Today is the present, yesterday is the past and tomorrow is the future and for some the future is here far to quickly.

So please from me to you, remember your past, stay in the present with your friends and plan for the future, don't wait until the future is here and its to late to remember the times and adventures you have had with your friends and families, call them now...share a laugh, a memory, a will all enjoy it.... I know I do, I did and feel so much better for it...thanks.

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