Sunday, December 19, 2010

Toughest Week Yet

Friday, December 10 Ron came home - flew in from Seattle via Kenmore Air. He was the only passenger on the flight and said it was simply magnificent. The pilot was great, the weather was clear and the view was unbelievable. All this took his mind off the pain.

Let's back up the track. First, I want to say what unbelievable friends we have. Bill and Leanne, you support has been unwavering - you turn rainy days into sunny days, you help us believe that tomorrow will be easier than today. For that, we love and thank you.

I picked up Ron in the parking lot, Victoria Kenmore Air. I could tell that he was in pain. His colour was gray and his steps were pained. As soon as I got him in the car, we called a chiropractor to see if we could get in. With luck, we could see him that afternoon and again the next day. Ron's pain was not alleviated throughout the weekend.

As his wife, his friend I felt completely helpless. First thing Monday morning we had another appointment and also telephoned Dr Lewis. As promised, she saw us by noon that day.

X-rays were ordered up and medication prescribed. There was concern that the cancer had spread to the bone - the ribs- which caused the excruciating pain in Ron's back. I think it is needless to say, this news rendered us speechless. As the pain has caused two weeks of sleepless nights, endless restlessness and extreme frustration, we had no choice but to the pharmacy and get Ron medicated to find some level of relief.

Tuesday - it is time to Ron's IMS appointment. He admits there was maybe some relief but not nearly enough needed to sleep at night. Anxiety is now setting in... pacing, sweating, and Mr. Cranky-Pants. We are both exhausted and Ron more than me. The good news is that I spoke to Andrea (our Doctor) and the cancer has not spread to the bone. The not so good news is that the tumour has grown considerably since the last x-ray - a mere 5 weeks ago.

So, what are we dealing with - it has been determined that it is soft tissue damage; perhaps stress, perhaps a pulled muscle. Doesn't matter, we need to find Ron some relief from the pain and discomfort.

Wednesday - another appointment and a trip to the pool for some aqua therapy and the hot tub. Ron says it felt very good but did not fix anything by a long shot.

At our marina we have "The Floating Physio" - Barb Desjardins. She saw Ron on Thursday. He had a great appointment with her. There has been some relief but not nearly what he needs to sleep at night.

This has been the most exhausting and frustrating week yet. I have not even come close to what Ron has experienced. I can only imagine.

My heart goes out to you, my husband, my love. Believe me when I tell you that I am doing the best I can. It tears me up to see you in such pain and nothing is giving you any relief. It breaks my heart that I cannot hold you and take your pain away... I miss our snuggles and cuddles but understand that it is too painful. We will get through this.

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