Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Bucket List Item Crossed From The List

We are the proud new owners of a new Volvo. So often when driving up and down the island, we would see a Volvo XC 90 and Ron would say...'damn, they are driving my car'. He has always admired the style and the safety of the Volvo.

A new vehicle had not crossed our minds for a number of years. We were perfectly happy with the car that Mom had left us. It was luxurious, leather and all the bells and whistles. Mom's 2001 Oldsmobile embraced us as we lowered ourselves into the driver or passenger seat. We had decided to drive it until we retired and headed to Mexico via SV Ta Daa. It was a reliable car but was starting to cost is for repairs. Given Ron's cancer we will not be sailing to Mexico.

It was probably late September or early October, we had mentioned an AWD vehicle would be nice for heading up and down the island. I said, if we get another vehicle, I would also like to be able to pick up all our little girls; Rayna, Makayla, Juliet, Amelia and Gracie. So these two criteria, AWD and 7 passenger, suited the XC 90.

Now, having always said he would like one, Ron had never driven one. The simple act of driving one's s dream car could change everything. We dabbled at shopping by browsing the papers, rubber-necking the dealerships and then finally setting up a test drive. We started by test driving an XC70 but it does not come 7 passenger. We test drove a five seater XC90. It seemed basic and abused. Having said that, each of these two vehicles were extremely comfortable for both of us to drive.

Me being the shopper than I am, insisted on doing due diligence, to exhaust the possibility of missing the best deal out there. We were looking for used. We set up an appointment with our favourite car salesman - Wade Wallie - at Metro Toyota. Unfortunately he didn't have anything for us. If you are shopping used, I highly suggest you try Wade. We scoured Nissan, Honda, Range Rover, Wheaton, Subaru, Mercedes and Volvo to name a few. We wanted to deal with a reputable dealership for obvious reasons.

We narrowed our look to an R350 AWD Mercedes Benz at Three Point Motors and a 2007 Volvo XC90. Having test drove the Mercedes we headed to Volvo to test drive the 2007. We liked both very much. There is much more to write about our vehicle buying experience but I won't bore you here. If you want to know, please ask. I will share.

Suffice it to say, I am trying to squeeze everything out of the Volvo dealership that I can. Ron was sitting there with his cheque book in hand. We looked like Ying and Yang purchasing a Volvo. Bottom line is we purchased a 2010 XC90 with 70 kms. We are happy with the deal based on our homework. Ron is a happy camper who grins from ear to ear and beams enough to make a full moon look dull. Bottom line... this vehicle embraces us and it feels good.

As his wife, I can do little about the cancer; I can hold him, I can cry with him. Happily, I can do much more to put a smile on his face, to comfort him, to encourage him and to love him. Above all I can help him with his bucket list.

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