Sunday, November 7, 2010

We Will Get Through It For We Are Ron and Janice

Thursday, it was suspect that Ron had fluid return to his left lung - so the x-ray revealed. The appointment was made for Ron's return to San Pen Hospital on Friday to have his lung tapped. Neither one of us slept well, nor had we for a few nights; Ron for his reasons and me for mine. However, when Friday morning came we were eager to get to the hospital and have the procedure performed so that Ron could find some comfort breathing.

Let me say this - - Ron has not been in any pain. With the left lung operating in a diminished capacity, he is out of breath sooner than the average bear. It also leaves him with little energy. As Ron would say, he has no gas to run on.

We get to the hospital (which Ron has no patience for - OK that is a pun) and admit Ron for day surgery. I stayed with him to ensure the back of his gown was secured and he was resting comfortably as he waited for the procedure. Off I trundled but did so reluctantly. No sooner did I get to work than the phone rang and it was Ron. I knew this was not good. I immediately returned to the hospital where Ron was waiting outside.

Ron explained that soon after I left they took him to ultrasound to verify how much and where the fluid was located. This allowed the doctor to best place the drain. Ultrasound is great for revealing fluid. Contrary to what the x-ray exposed the ultrasound revealed there was very little fluid. So what does this mean? Before leaving the hospital, the doctor told Ron the tumours were growing.

Do you remember in one of the previous posts I mentioned how available Dr. Lewis would be to Ron and me. We now needed her again. Perhaps I was more desperate to speak to her than Ron. I needed to know what was to next. I also knew it was Friday, noon. Perhaps we would not have any answers until next week.

Andrea was surely surprised to see Ron sitting in her office. She reviewed the report from medical imaging and indicated what we already knew; it was not good, but we did not know how bad. Nor will we find out until the week of November 15 - hopefully.

Needless to say, Friday was a hard pill to swallow. While we do not know what it all means it is yet another reminder that this now is our life.

In the true fashion of Ron and Janice, we took some time, had our moments and yes, shed a few tears. After a spell, we pulled ourselves together to continue with our Friday as planned... we attended a social function.... and it truly was good for both of us. There is nothing like socializing with old friends and talk boating.

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