Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Wife Knows...

Let's say, I knew it was coming. All the signs were there, it was just a matter of when Ron would say or do something.

First let me say that Ron has the most wonderful, caring and conscientious doctor. I fear writing her name in case you all want her as your doctor. Andrea Lewis has been there for Ron ever since cancer was diagnosed.

In the last few days (and I mean few), I have noticed indications of a repeat of August 19 - the day Ron first had his lung drained - or tapped as the doctors would say. I sensed that Ron's lung was filling again. He did too. It was something that neither expressed to the other. Didn't need to. I knew that Ron would call Andrea when he needed to. That day was today.

It has been a short two months since the last tap. Tomorrow Ron goes to San Pen Hospital (the best little hospital on the south island). If you can say fortunately, fortunately this time we were able to make an appointment. They call it a slow drain. Ron will be at the hospital for several hours as removing the fluid slower rather than faster is less dangerous.

Right now, we are not sure what all this means. We are disappointed it is happening so soon. This is the second time and we wonder when it will be the third time. When it happens again, we are of the understanding there will be some options offered to control the fluid in the pleura.

Ron was exhausted by the time we got home from the doctor office and hospital for x-rays. Tomorrow will be another exhausting day. For all of you who know Ron, he didn't even finish his glass of wine!! No, I cannot believe it either. Having said that, he and Winston are snuggled on the bed having a good rest. It has been a few nights since he has slept well.

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