Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good News Is Welcome

We left a couple of posts ago with Ron finding out the tumour is growing. We had doctor appointments lined up for November 8, 9 and 10. I actually had to visit the doctor for my own little problem - seems that I have an allergy to something that affects my breathing. Inhaler time for Janice.

To summarize, it was set up a number of days ago for Ron to have chemo therapy. He had his blood work done. We had a chemo introduction session and a tour of the chemo therapy lounge. It was an eye opener, not because of the chemo therapy, side affects and tips and tricks but because of the amount of young people actually in the lounge getting chemo therapy as we toured. I am beginning to believe that the amount of people with cancer in this province is obscene.

Ron was scheduled for chemo on Wednesday but first he needed to visit his oncologist. Dr. MacPherson was away so Ron was introduced to a substitute. My god, he was just a bambino. I almost laughed when he said he was the oncologist. I think this kid was a brain in his high school years - he just had that look about him. Very knowledgeable and a straight shooter.

The chemo Ron was going to receive was to treat some symptoms he had been having; sleepless nights, shortness of breath, fatigue and night sweats. As these symptoms had lessened, we learned there was no need for Ron to have the chemo. This news delighted Ron. It did me too but I did have some questions to ask this bambino.

I learned that Ron's cancer will not just pop up in other areas of his body, the brain, for instance. This tumour will just keep growing - something like orange peel around the lung and throughout the chest cavity. Ron reports back to the Doctor when symptoms rear their ugly little heads. Each time it will be decided whether to do chemo or not. The side effects of the chemo could be a lot worse than the symptom... Ron and the doctor will decide.

These ups and downs are extremely emotional and draining. It causes us to wonder how much longer we have together; how do we best use our time and resources for the best future possible. As positive and happy as we are, there is still a cancer cloud that shrouds each day. We just have to look beyond it; live beyond it and not let it darken our days.

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