Monday, February 14, 2011

A Celebration Is In The Works

Good things take time. Ron's Celebration of Life will be no different. The kids and I have decided that we want to plan it right. Ron deserves no less. I will keep you posted as to the date, time and venue for the celebration. For now we are aiming for Feb 25 or 28 in Victoria.

Some of you have been asking each other about what to do; flowers, donations etc. Well, let me tell you what Ron's opinion on all this is. He said to me a couple months ago and this is no lie! His wishes were for no flowers but a fine bottle of red wine instead. He figures I will need the wine! Some of you may find this less than traditional. If so, because of the exceptional care Ron received at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, Palliative Care Unit please feel free to make a donation in his name. The link to make an online donation is

Many of you have asked how the kids and I are doing. We are doing OK. I cannot speak for each of the kids but for myself it is very tough one minute and completely surreal the next. I miss Ron so much it hurts like I never could have imagined. The kids help me laugh and are a big part of making Ron's celebration become a reality.

When I am out and about, doing business that must be done, the bank teller or the barista or the lady at the stationary store will say to me, "Have a great day." I stop and think, how great can my day be. How great will my day be for just losing my husband just over twenty-four hours ago. I pause again. Silently I am glad they said those words for they remind me that I can have a great day... it is great because I have so much to be thankful for.

Stay tuned for celebration details to come soon.

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