Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Conflict

February 9th, Ron and I had a meeting with the doctor. He said that this voyage is taking too long, that he is going in circles, that it is not fair and that they euthanize animals. Dr. Lewis explained that while Ron is mentally and emotionally ready, there are parts of his body are and parts that are not. Hence the conflict between body, mind and soul. She explained that he would have to trust us and be patient. The medications for pain and anxiety will cause him to sleep more. More sleep equates to less food and fluids which in turn will accelerate the process.

Andrea and I met with the four kids in the lounge. Andrea very eloquently explained to the kids Ron's decision and the process for Ron to reach his place of peace. This was good for the kids to hear this from someone other than myself.

The kids and I then proceeded back to the room to be with Ron. Ron got the kids to have a seat. He then proceeded to tell the kids that the bend in the road is not the end of the road, that you get back up when you fall off your bike. He said, "I have a lot more quotes but cannot remember them." We all laughed. He told the kids they have done well but can do better and that he sees them at what they are going to do. Ron then stated, "It is time to party." He picked up his cranberry juice and announced he would have a 'double nothing'. After all that it was nap time. He laid down and promptly went to sleep.

I have heard that passing can be a beautiful thing. Conflict between mind, body and soul has turned this into torment for Ron. Trust us, my husband, be patient, rest easy. We are doing every thing we can to help you complete your voyage.

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