Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Visitors Make Ron's Day!

Since Ron has been in palliative care there has been no day the same as the next. There are medications for pain, medications for anxiety, medications for sleep, medications for swelling and medications for break through pain. Believe me, all is good. The challenge is regulating the meds and this has been a process. Each day that the meds have changed, Ron has been in his zoned out state the next day. One day is good, then next day Ron has a catatonic look about him. Having said that, he would zone in and zone out, joining in conversation here and there.

Visitors have been very understanding. He is loving your visits, your conversation, your stories and of course the laughter. Just this morning we had made arrangements for 'the ladies' from his work to visit. Lo and behold, the fellas decided to visit too. There must have been fourteen of us in the room! Ron, in true form, had everyone laughing with stories of Disney World, days with the RCMP, and stories of those in the room. A good time was had by all. Most importantly, we do believe that a level of comfort was experienced by those visiting and a realization that there is nothing to fear.

Ron and I both realize that some people are challenged by the thought of visiting someone who is travelling the journey that Ron is on. What do you say; is it OK to laugh, will I be intruding; is now the right time to visit etc. All we can say is keep visiting, keep the laughter coming. We love your company!

Also yesterday and today, my son Stewart, along with wife Clare and kids Juliet and Amelia visited. Ron so enjoyed the big hug from Juliet and the kisses from them both. It was also joy for the nurses to hear little voices coming from room # 1466.

Ron's daughter Kirsten is finally feeling better from the flu. It has been a tough haul for her to say away for the past few days. Finally with the flu gone, visits can be more frequent.

Did I mention today, as well as fourteen visitors, Ron and I went into Sidney and took Winston to Cy Hamson park for a run. It was a couple hours enjoyed by all.

Glen and Jill, thank you for your visit and we are looking forward to dinner tomorrow night.

Lynn, let us know how you made out with your computer and whether we need to make a trip to Costo!

Love to you all. We sincerely appreciate your support. You have the knack of knowing what to do when. Believe me, it is working.

Finally, Momma D, thank you for your time on the phone last night. Since my Mom passed away you have been there for me - to talk, to bounce ideas and of course to laugh. I will forever be grateful for your wisdom and your take on life. Love to both you and Bud xoxoxox.

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