Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Two Days The Same

It is crazy - no two days are the same for Ron and therefore no two days are the same for me. Last night when I left Ron, he was working on his computer. His favourite pass time has been to take photos and insert them into a photo book. The photo book is then ordered and delivered to him. This has been great for Ron to occupy his mind and to review his photos. Some of you have had the privilege of reviewing his latest photo book. Perhaps one day I will take time to put one together but I know that he has been an inspiration to a few of you already.

I digressed... Ron seemed OK last night. This morning I arrived just before eight and he was totally wiped out from a lack of sleep. He was weak, had little focus and could barely make sense. I talked him into going back to bed and have a nap. At eight-thirty I trundled off to the airport to pick up Bill. By the time we got back Ron was just finishing breakfast -doing a little better but still tired. Again, we convinced him to lie down for a while and he did get some more sleep. All in all it was a tough day for him but as usual he was a trooper.

Ron was delighted when an RCMP acquaintance surprised him - Rosie, thank you for dropping by and sorry I missed you. Kirsten, Ryan, Johnny, Len and Marie-Germaine thank you to for visiting and thank you for your understanding of Ron's zoning in and out of our conversations.

Bill and Leanne, what can I say. Thank you never seems to be enough for the unending support and the opportunity for me to sneak away to do Ron's laundry. For those of you who do not know, we do not have laundry facilities aboard the boat so need to trek to the laundromat at least once a week.

Tonight I am having a sleepover with Ron. He had a good supper and I asked him if he wanted me to say anything to all of you. He says that he is extremely touched by the show of emotion and the expression of emotion towards him and his journey. He loves it when you, our friends and family, realize from the blog that we are deeply in love and will be forever.

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