Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Would I Do Without Friends and Family

I owe many, many of you a huge heartfelt thank you for your emails of encouragement and support, for you stories about Ron and what he means to you. As important is your acceptance of his decision to pass to a more peaceful place. Thank you, too, for your understanding of unreturned calls and unanswered emails.

Bill and Leanne, thank you for being by my side, Len and Dawna for your visits and as important keeping Ron's laundry fresh and clean. Fresh clothes are so important to him as he fights the sweats brought on by the cancer.

This week, I could not have done it without our kids - Stewart, Meghan, Kirsten and Ryan. They too are on this journey and it is a bumpy road. At one time or another they have all had some quality time at Ron's bedside. If you know Ron, this includes reminiscing, laughing together, appreciating one another and the kids reassuring Ron that they will be just fine.

As each of our children have different experiences in dealing with loved ones passing, they were there for each other. The youngest one gave the biggest hugs - he is also the tallest kid. The smallest one gave big advice. The boys (OK men) being reflectively quiet, the girls bringing up stories that put smiles on all our faces. And then there is Ron... giving each of us a lesson in life that we will never forget. We can take our learning and apply them to the next time we lose a loved one, however close to us. We will be able to share Ron's journey with others to make their process of loss feel less painful. He will truly like that we we are better people and will help others.

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  1. We love you guys! We are praying for both of you as you travel this road together.