Saturday, January 15, 2011

And For Everything Else There Is Mastercard... Or Not

We just cannot go anywhere without incident. Just go give you an example, five years ago Bill and Leanne joined us in Disneyland. The guys made secret arrangements. Somehow the communications got crossed. Bill and Leanne were missing in action for an hour or more. Bill had our cell number which was at home. Ron had Bill's home number which is in Kirkland so we had no way to connect except through positive thinking. Ron had to spill the beans that Bill and Leanne were in Disneyland and were supposed to meet us. Finally, we saw some Mickey hands coming our way... Bill and Leanne were attached to these overstuffed white Mickey hands.

We were in Hawaii with Bill and Leanne. Ron and I decided to renew our wedding vows. We had fleeting thought of it prior to leaving Canada but had not seriously made any arrangements. Being who we are, we decided to 'throw' something together. I found matching Hawaiian wedding bands at a jeweler - likened to People's in Canada. We found matching clothes; a dress for me, a shirt and white shorts for Ron. Did I mention there was a third couple, Nigel and Tammy. We met them for the first time on this trip however they are friends of Bills. Two nights before the renewal of our vows I excitedly pulled out all the wedding purchases to show Tammy. I had left said purchases downstairs in our rented house. Sometime after me and Ron heading to bed early (I was suffering from a cold) my bag of goodies was mistakenly thrown into the trash. We did not discover the missing purchases until late morning - after which the trash was taken to the end of the drive and scooped up by the trash collectors. We went to the main trash collection area on Kuai and realized it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Just think of Heartland dump in Victoria... We worked through the shock, purchased another set of rings - and I got a deal because this time at this store the lady was from Vancouver - purchased another set of clothes and proceeded with vow renewal as planned. But wait, did I tell you the local Minister had a crisis at home and showed up an hour late for our sunrise ceremony. All ended well as we renewed our vows with our own Hawaiian version of our words.

Now the Disney World story... I lost my Mastercard. We stopped at Walgreens to get Ron a heat pack. I (per usual) needed to find the ladies room before I busted a bladder. I had my little card wallet and placed it on the back of the toilet. Thinking of Ron standing in line, I quickly washed up and headed out of the loo. We hopped into the van and proceeded to the grocery store. At this time I had some words not to cool for a three year old. I had left my card wallet in the ladies room. We bolted back to Walgreens to no avail. No wallet which means no Mastercard, no driver's license, no condo key, no Disney World pass. Bill and I checked each till station in the store. I checked the ladies trash and yes even the feminine disposal. Leanne checked the trash outside. No luck. All this happened in ten of the longest minutes of my life. Ron had his card so I phoned to report my card stolen. I was told I would be sent an emergency card in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. #$%^ is all I can say but what the heck, things can always be worse. A couple Coronas softened the blow.

Next day, that being today, we were heading out and it was a miracle... my wallet appeared in my backpack. Holy Cow... how silly of me. I guess it was the 1.5 Coronas I had prior to going to Walgreens... I must have gotten a buzz and couldn't see straight. I phoned Mastercard but they cannot, would not reactivate my card as I had reported it stolen. I must wait for the replacement to arrive at our condo. Ahhhhh, life is grand when there are adventures! For Disney World there is Mastercard... for adventures with Ron and Janice - PRICELESS!

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