Saturday, January 8, 2011

Disney World or Bust!

Here we sit in San Francisco... it's OK we are waiting for our connecting flight. As I sit I beban to reflect on what it took to take this trip. First, must know that Ron felt, in his heart and soul, that if we did not go now he would never make it to Disney World. Who am i to stand in his way.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Ron and I plan for the what ifs. We over plan and plan for what could go wrong. We have always done this and always will.

Questions we had to ask ourselves:
1. Is Ron well enough to travel
2. Can we take his medications
3. What if the medications go missing
4. How do we efficiently get from one terminal to the next when changing flights
5. How do we best get around Disney World with a man with limited lumg capacity
6. And the list goes on...

With great resources we found the pieces falling into place. Once at the Victoria airport this morning I ordered a wheelchair to be waiting in San Fran and Orlando upon our arrival. This will assure that we can travel swiftly from one area of the airport to the next Little did I know the wheelchair came with a person. Best tip I ever paid for.

Ron has also ordered a scooter for Orlando. It will be dropped off when we arrive and picked up by the ScootaRound people when we leave.

Meds have been no problem so far...

The flight was two hours of a crying child. We expect his ears were bothering him but the added bonus was the massage effect when his feet kept kicking the back of my seat. All in a days travel.

Internet in the San Fran airport is limited to 45 minutes free so please stay tuned for more updates at our vacation experience unfolds.

We get to Orlando about 9 PM so will likely update blog tomorrow. Life with Ron is a journey so this vacation will be no different!

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