Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Happiest Place On Earth

Here we are in Orlando. As it has been some time since I have updated, I will make chronological entries and attempt to not miss anything important. We last left off where Ron and I were sitting in San Fran awaiting our flight to Orlando.

January 8
Our flight to Orlando departed a mere few minutes later. Nothing to be bothered about. What both Ron and I were surprised about is that we were travelling via Air Bus. This Air Bus did not hold many people hence the plane did not have a lot of room to move around in. Even I was getting a bit agitated at the cramped space. Ron was a trooper. The highlight of the flight was flying over Disney World at fireworks time. It was certainly a different perspective looking down at the fireworks. Try it some time.

Needless to say we were extremely tired by the tie we got to the Hilton Hotel. 11PM Florida time, 8 PM Pacific time. Keep in mind that Ron and I had been up since 3:30 AM. A long day indeed.

January 9
We connected with Bill, Leanne and Gracie. We had a pow wow (sp?) to decide what tickets to purchase. There are so many options: base ticket, park hopper 5 days, 7 days etc... Once we made the decision Bill and I made the purchase. We also marched to the nearest grocery store to purchase incidentals such as snacks, water, razors for hairy legs and the such. Then and only then it was time to hop aboard the shuttle and head to the Magic Kingdom. We were on our way.

We are now seeing Disney World through the eyes of a three year old. That would be Gracie. And we are also accomplishing and striking items from Ron's bucket list. Ron normally likes to do the wild rides but is a bit reserved. Our pace through the park is relaxed. Our excitement level is elevated. We are finally here.

Ron is becoming a pro with the scooter. We find ourselves walking in the shoes of others. How many times have you muttered under your breath about scooter drivers in crowded places. Well, now Ron is one of those drivers and he finds himself muttering at the pedestrians. In all fairness to the patrons of Disney World, I find that they are absorbed in everything around them except the people nearest them. There is so much to take in: sights - colours, shapes, displays, dancers, architect, costumes and more. Sounds - music, people talking, singing, booming of fireworks exploding, train whistles, kids crying, people laughing and more. Smells - popcorn, caramel, fireworks, hot dogs, lemonade, coffee and more.

Yes, we stayed for the fireworks and what a magnificent show it was. It is magical. It is romantic. It is breathtaking.

Ron's feet have begun to swell. It is not painful or uncomfortable for him, just annoying. We will keep our eye on this new development.

Scooter riders do have their privileges. We often do not have to wait in the lines and as often as not, we get the front of the ride car. Ron "The Benefit" Harris in Disney World.

Off to the hotel room for a night cap with our friends and to make plans for tomorrow.

January 10
It is the wee hours of the morning. Ron and I made our way back to our room about 30 minutes after midnight. I was about ready to crawl into bed and there was a knock at the door. It was Leanne. Gracie was throwing up all over the place. Leanne, it turns out, throws up when other people do. We rendered her useless. She sat up with Ron and I ran over to their room to lend a hand to Bill. My version of lending a hand was to take Gracie and cuddle her while Bill cleaned up the vomit covered sheets. Yes, tending Gracie also meant rushing her to the toilet to throw up some more and some more and some more. Finally, about 3 AM Leanne came back to the room and I returned to our room. It was a long night for all of us. In the morning, all the adults were tired and Gracie appeared to be back to normal.

Today we visit Epcot. While Epcot was enjoyable it was not y favourite. I found the country displays glorified shopping areas. I mostly enjoyed the Living Sea display and the Nemo ride. What grown adult would not enjoy climbing into a big clam shell following Nemo's story. Ron and I also waited (and it was worth the wait) to see Soaring. It is a type of hang glider ride. I will say no more for you will have to see for your self.

Ron's feet once again swelled. First order of business was to get those feet up and reduce the swelling. It appears to be working. Ron says he is fine and not to worry.

January 11
Today is Animal Kingdom day. Both Leanne and I found this park to be more relaxing than Epcot and Magic Kingdom. For me it was the greenery, live animals and the music. We strolled the different countries, went on safari and watched Nemo the musical. Ron, Bill and I went on the Mt Everest ride. I was a little concerned about Ron, his breathing and well you know... it is a very exhilarating ride. What can I say. As we went down the first dip of this coaster ride I asked Ron how he was doing. He said fine... he had one lung to breath but no other lung for screaming. I did all the screaming. At one point of this ride we were roller coasting backwards. Strange feeling, indeed.

Nemo the musical was very entertaining. I highly recommend it.

As the Animal Kingdom closed early we headed back to Magic Kingdom for Ron and Bill to ride Space Mountain. Leanne, Gracie and I went to Buzz Lightyear. My shooting score was so high I was categorized as a 'Space Ace". 449,000 points. I think I got lucky. Gracie liked the ride so much we went three times. As luck would have it, we also took in the fireworks again.

Ron had a great day and we have had a lot of laughs; mostly at Ron on the scooter. Since we have arrived he has run over my foot, he has run over his own foot, he rammed Gracie in the stroller, and he rammed the Magic Kingdom entrance gate. Not bad for the first three days.

January 12
Today we moved out of the Hilton to a rented condo in Kissimme. We have this unit for the duration of our trip. Bill picked up a mini van. This will transport the five of us and the scooter.
The condo is the greatest. We have two master suites with their own ensuites, a huge kitchen and a beautiful view. We can see Disney and Epcot fireworks in the evening. Today was also a down day from any of the parks. Leanne, Bill and I headed out to Target to stock the fridge with our own food. Ron stayed behind and rested. We all had a relaxing day and it did us all some good.

Ron's feet are still swelling. I have now put in a call to our doctor. Since she is not working today, we will hear from her or her assistant tomorrow. I have asked if Ron would benefit from compression stocking. They may help with the swelling. We shall see.

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