Friday, January 28, 2011

Earth To Spock

Last night Ron in palliative care and me at home. We both had good and much needed sleeps. As I arrived this morning, Ron was being whisked away for a CT scan. Ron's son, Ryan, was visiting so the two of us got a few minutes to catch up. Ron was soon delivered back to his room.

I soon realized that my husband was drugged like I had never seen before. Keep in mind, Ron was a goody two shoes growing up - no smoking, no drugs. His vice was red wine. Being under the influence of drugs was a new experience for Ron.

He was still in his jammies, laying comfortably but half sitting up in bed. He started a conversation with me and Ryan and just zone out. This was very strange for me to witness. He also picked up the phone in the room and jokingly said 'Earth to Spock, earth to Spock'. Ryan and I chuckled and Ron said it was like he was on the Starship Enterprise. Well, you couldn't help but laugh out loud. Ron was in and out of conversations most of the day. While I was conversing with the social worker, Ron would just jump in and start talking about his own version of our conversation.

The CT scan. While there is good news that the liver has not been compromised and nor has the abdomen. The heart has been compromised. The right lung is showing signs of metastasis, small tumours but tumours all the same.

We had a good afternoon and evening. It was good because Ron was pain free and relaxed more than ever. He could sit for long periods of time with out being anxious and feeling a need to walk out the pain. We played crib. That too was funny... he just cannot count a crib hand on those drugs. I will have to sharpen him up before Bill arrives to have a game or two next week.

Ron also ate well. Thank you to the Revenue Solutions Branch who contributed to the food basket for me to take to Ron. He enjoyed a bit of everything; soup, cheese, crackers, homemade tarts. I enjoyed the delicious licorice! We have leftovers for tomorrows lunch.

Tomorrow I will return to the hospital bright and early. Ron and I will be talking to Andrea and the radiologist about the swelling and what is causing it. It remains a mystery.

We will see what the next few days will hold. Fingers crossed for all things good for Ron.

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