Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love Me Tender

Today we had an early start. Ron and I met with Andrea in his room to discuss further the results from the CT scan. We had one more item to discuss and that was Ron's abuse of the system. Yes folks you read right! Ron was worried that because he had two good nights sleep, he felt that he didn't belong in the Palliative Care Unit. Andrea was very stern in reassuring him that palliative care is for people like Ron who need to be in a reassuring environment by having medications monitored while getting pain and other symptoms under control. Ron, you silly goose. No more talk like that or you will have to deal with your wife!!

Today Ron was just as zoned out but not talking to the Starship Enterprise. Visitors started to arrive by 1300. Ron was very happy and chatty. Thank you for delighting Ron with your presence and listening to his stories.

Also, thank you to Doug and Karen for the twin size down quilt for Ron's bed and the magazines. Thank you to Eddy and Dawna for the Chinese food for supper. Thank you Tim and Tara for bringing Winston and lattes. Ken, thank you for the DVD's. You chose well.

Len B,and Dawna thank you for sharing Ron's story with Doug. He has contacted me and as it should be between friends, you can simply pick up where you left off.

It the truth were known today, I had a splitting sinus headache. Ron knew this and several times requested that I just rest. I am a Capricorn so that is not easily done when there are things to do. After Doug and Karen left, Ron convinced me to take the bed and snuggle with the quilt while he addressed his email messages. Reluctantly I did as he asked. Ron closed the door, closed the blind, put on smooth and quiet music and tucked me in. Tenderly he kissed me on the forehead and sat near while I slept. I felt completely loved by these so simple yet loving gestures. Sweet dreams.

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