Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ripples In A Pond

Ron and I have often talked about how diverse you, our family and friends are. You come from all walks of life, you come from all income levels, you come from your own unique experiences. What you share in common is your love and support of Ron since he embarked on his journey of living and coping with cancer. Also, your love and encouragement for me. We receive phone calls, we receive emails, we receive visitors and we are invited into your home - all are most welcome and all are crucial for our mental and emotional well being. I want to share with you, some of our experiences.

You have all heard of our generous friends, Bill, Leanne and Gracie. Their home is our home away from home in the Comox Valley. And... they dared to travel with us knowing that the unexpected could happen and knowing that we would all just deal with it.

Ron's workmates, just today, filled our hearts with an abundance of love and compassion as they swarmed Ron in the hallway. It brought us both to tears. And Cheryl, your offer for you and Ted to help me with anything with the boat anytime is greatly appreciated. I am truly hoping that we can take Ron out for a sail when the weather warms. I can also learn a thing or two from Ted.

Penny and Ken, your emails are timely and your words eloquent. Penny, your visual I want to share with the readers. Penny writes that Ron and I are like a pebble dropped into a pond. The ripples that spread out from it are the family and friends encircling us. That is exactly how we have felts since day one - August 19. We have felt embraced, warmed, hopeful, loved, energized and much more because of those of you caring to stay close to us while we take one step at a time.

MG keep your little emails coming. Your snippets of kindness are as significant as a one time expression.

For the remainder of our friends and family, many of you have been noted in previous insertions If not, I have not doubt you will be noted in the future for a memorable act of kindness. Your kind gestures are in no way any less appreciated than those revealed above. Our hearts, even through difficult times are filled with joy because of you!

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