Monday, January 24, 2011

Catch Up On Disney World

These are my excuses for not updating the blog: technical difficulties while in Orlando, I am not well and suffering from bronchitis, and quite honestly, procrastination. Why the procrastination you might ask. That doesn’t match Janice’s style. Before I answer let me catch you up on Disney World – The Happiest Place On Earth and Where Dreams Come True.
To summarize, Disney World is made up of four theme parks and Universal is made up of two theme parks. We managed to do all but one of the Universal parks. Ron had the greatest time. All this came with challenges. You know that we used wheel chairs and a scooter for Ron’s ease of mobility. What you do not know is that he suffered from inevitable swelling of the feet, ankles, knees. One arm, also caused us some concern. We were not expecting this symptom. He also suffered from a shortness of breath for longer periods of time. It became such concern for Ron that he considered coming home early. I told him to just say the word and I would be on the telephone to make the arrangements. Ron felt confident to go one more night before making the decision. I think Ron’s determination to fulfil his dream of visiting Disney World helped him through the last week. He knew that if he bailed, he would never be back. Ron’s energy improved and we soldiered onwards.
So here is a description of our gang in Disney World; two women PMSing, a three year old, a man with one functioning lung and a man who is glued to his blackberry. We had the best time.
Ron says that when you ride the extreme coasters you need one lung for breathing and one for screaming. I screamed while he breathed!
Ron’s highlights of the trip: spending time with me, Bill, Leanne and Gracie, seeing Disney World through the eyes of a three year old, Harry Potter, Epcot Centre, Animal Kingdom, the size of the theme parks and the understanding and tenderness of our friends.
Thank you to Len R and Len B for driving us to and from the airport. It is not that I was too cheap to pay the parking fees, I just didn’t want to leave the new Volvo there.

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