Thursday, January 6, 2011

"What is right with the world?"

This is a famous quote by Dewitt Jones, famed National Geographic Photographer. When he would arrive on assignment and, in his mind, there were too many clouds in the sky or not enough clouds. Perhaps the sun was too high in the sky or there would be no sun at all on that day. Whatever the reason for his shoot to be less than optimum, he decided to look at things differently. He decided to look at what was right rather than what was wrong. For Dewitt and other photographers the difference between a good shot and a great shot was as little as a millimetre; a millimeter to the left or to the right, a millimetre higher or lower.

You see folks, Ron and I (with thanks to my friend Caroline) were introduced to this concept a few years ago. Not only did it help with our photography, you could say it changed our outlook on life. Often we will say out loud, “What is right with the world?”.

January 4 we found ourselves at the doctor office. Stabalizing and putting Ron on a long acting formula is the goal. Ron had been taking medication every 6 hours. The long acting formula will mean he has to remember only twice a day – that will be a relief for both of us. After a visit to the doctor it was up to the Comox Valley for physio early on January 5.

Ron is receiving IMS treatments. There are many professionals who practice IMS. Believe me when I say, you will know when you have the right professional. Eddy in Courtenay hits the magic spots for Ron and he gets the relief he needs from his knotted muscles. This therapy, coupled with the pain meds is letting Ron sleep. If you didn’t know a sinister tumour was growing in his chest, you might not know there is anything affecting Ron’s health except for his shortness of breath.

Ironically, it was my birthday on January 5 and I was delighted to receive birthday wishes (and some wine) from family, friends and Ron. As I have not opened his Christmas card he wondered if purchasing a birthday card would be a waste of money – ha ha, Harris! I was having a good day and while it was very emotional, I found the strength to open and read the card. We embraced each other for several minutes. Nothing more needs to said about that.

A new symptom reared its ugly head on Wednesday morning – swelling of the feet and predominately the left foot. After consultation with the pharmacist in Comox it was time to head home and back to the doctor to sort this out. Does it mean more meds? We will see. I must say, medications are getting confusing but with both of us, we will sort this out.

We have also had a call from the Radiation Oncologist. We are thinking that they are rethinking the opportunity of having radiation therapy. We will find out on January 21, the day after we arrive home from DizWorld.

For Ron’s comfort, we have ordered wheelchair assist in the airports and a scooter for Disney World. He has been checking out canes. I asked what the heck for. Ron’s reply... while I ride the scooter, I can whack anyone in my way so I can get to the rides faster. The cane had butterflies on it so perhaps he is also getting in touch with his feminine side. All kidding aside, we have received great advice from reliable sources for making our trip easier for me and as enjoyable as possible for Ron. Two more sleeps and we are up, up and away! I will be taking my mini computer so stay tuned to the blog for Diz update.

For Ron and I, and with your help, we will continue to look at what is right with the world. We will continue to turn our days from good to great by moving a millimetre to the left, a millimetre to the right, higher or lower.

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  1. We are in Yuma and the weather has been unseasonably cold but is warming up. Mike is golfing this morning. We are thinking of you and hope you have a great time in Disney World, say hi to Mickey for us!
    PS Love your outlook of "what is right with this world" and wish everyone looked at it this way.