Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scoot Harris aka Ron

Ron has been having a blast on the scooter. I do believe in an earlier post I mentioned it is the best thing we have done for this trip - renting an electric scooter.

We started out thinking we would get a wheelchair. Julie at my work suggested an electric scooter for two reasons: one, none of us are in shape for pushing Ron in a wheelchair for hours around the theme parks and Ron is in no shape to wheel himself. Two, it gives Ron some independence to go browsing on his own with needing one of us to accompany him.

The scooter was delivered to our hotel, the Hilton. They have a bus shuttle which we used daily while patrons of the hotel. The first day of Ron on the scooter and using the bus was hilarious. The bus came. As Leanne, Bill, Gracie and I stood back on the sidewalk, Ron backed the scooter on the ramp and the driver activated the lift. Once at bus level, Ron drove and parked the scooter in position in the seating area. The driver was going to strap and anchor Ron in. Ron stood up and said "Look! It's a miracle, I can walk!". The bus driver, a tall black man, did a Scooby Doo arghhhhh and we all burst out laughing. We couldn't stop... the timing was impeccable.

I also mentioned that Ron has run over my foot, his own foot, rammed Gracie in her stroller and also rammed the entrance gate to Disney World. He has also gotten to be a pro on the tight corners as well as maneuvering the crowds. The people themselves are a mixed bag of being very polite to people on scooters to being extremely impolite. Ron is dealing with it in stride but does have a new appreciation for people with disabilities.

The scooter has been fun for Gracie. She periodically hops aboard and goes for a spin with "Poppa Ron". It is fun for both of them - she lights up his face with her hugs and attention, Gracie gets a ride and a rest.

We are thinking of the logistics of owning a scooter while on the boat. Storage may be a challenge but it is a thing of beauty for Ron for getting around. He can scoot and I can run beside him. We will have to look at the price, models and if there are used ones. Just a thought for now.

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